Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Cards

I didn't post these on my other blog. I wanted to wait until they were mailed so no one would get a "sneak peek". Well, I can't stand it!! I had to post them somewhere. I am pretty happy with how they turned out this year.

I ended up making 3 different cards this year. Usually I just make one, but I was having too much fun this year. This is the first one:

The bow turned out to make putting this card in an envelope impossible, so this is my card that will go on hand delivered gifts and to the neighbors.

Here is a close up of the star. As you can see I had a BLAST with my cuttlebug on this card!

Here is the second card I made. It is much more USPS friendly :) I loved how the paper had just a little pink. Kind of a fun holiday twist.

And finally, card #3. A little origami tree and some fun paper from my Stampin' Up "I Wish" Simply Scrappin' Kit. This one looks like alot of work, but it actually went together pretty quick.

If you peek before Christmas, at least you'll be surprised at which one of the three you receive!! Let the holiday fun begin!!!
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DizzieNoodle said...

These are all really really cute!

cathrine said...

OMgosh! Which one is mine?????
I will cherish it forever. I love the bow and the tree, well I'm speechless!

Marcy said...

Oh, i so love the tree one that you sent me! it seriously does look like a ton of work. you are going to have to show me how you made that!