Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One more Easter Project

My son is on an airplane to the Philippines today. He is serving a 2 year mission for our church. We will not see him and will only communicate through letters and 2 phone calls per year (Mother's Day and Christmas). To keep my mind off the fact that he is on a plane for over 18 hours (and over the water) today, I decided to make some bunnies to hang up for Easter. I saw the cutest idea on a new blog I found called Eighteen25 (http://eighteen25.blogspot.com). They have some dang cute ideas so check it out.

I adapted my bunnies just a little because I didn't want to frame them.

Here's a little closeup of each one:

And here they are in their new home on my dining room wall. Cute and quick!

I used the same bunny silhouette mentioned on the blog, traced it on to black cardstock, and cut it out. The pattern paper is from an old pack I got at Costco. I think it is by Wild Asparagus??? My bunnies are 8x8 with the frames being 1 inch wide and 8 inches long on each side. I inked them with Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip, added grommets and Stampin' Up stiched felt ribbon (from Christmas). I finished both in just over an hour (can you say instant gratification?). They look cute on the wall and I will definitely save them for use again next year. Thanks for looking :)
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Monthly Swap and Stamp Camp goodies

I have joined a monthly card swap group again.  It is fun to come up with new ideas each month (and to scour the internet for ideas too).  Last month I threw a quick card together.  This month I am actually early getting my cards finished.  I made 15 of these (12 for swap and 3 to add to my stash).

***Spoiler Alert :  If you are in my swap group and want to be surprised then don't look any further :)

I found my idea on the internet here.  I changed the background paper to a shimmer silver that I had on hand.  It's from Marcella by K and it is the wedding pad.  I also changed the texture at the bottom to swiss dots.  I liked the way it mirrors the dots on the center of the medallion. It is mounted on white cardstock.  This card is beautiful as a wedding or anniversary card.

 Last Saturday I attended the "Got Ink Girlz" Spring Stamp Camp.  What a blast!  The projects were adorable and fun to create, the lunch was yummy and I even won a door prize :)  Here are some pics of what we made (10 projects all together - total fun!!)

And here are a couple of close ups:

Fun, fun, fun!  I can't wait until they do it again.  It was well planned, organized and worth every penny.  Plus I got to spend 6 hours "off" from mom duty which was a much needed break.

Friday, March 26, 2010

22 Things

I'm going to post this entry on both of my blogs.  I think it is such a great idea.  I love to blog hop.  It's a great way for me to recharge my creative batteries.  One blog that I love is Stacy Julian's.  She is creative, cute and often kooky (right up my alley).  I love her take on scrapbooking and also the fun ideas she shares about life in general.  Her post here made me think that I needed a list like that.  I have learned many things about life from my nearly 22 years as a mom!    If you are a mom you should give it a try.  You might even want to make your own list before you read mine :)

22 Things These Amazing Humans have taught Me

 1.  Where you sit in the car really does affect the quality of the ride.
 2.  The telephone works as a magnet.  Every time your mom is on the phone    you are drawn right to her.
 3.  Sometimes putting together a puzzle is more important than mopping a  floor.
 4.  It doesn't matter where the toy came from.  A dollar store toy is just as fascinating and fun as one from FAO Schwartz.
 5.  Life is better when you have a blankie.
 6.  Peanut Butter and Jelly/Honey sandwiches are a universal meal.  They work for breakfast, lunch OR dinner
 7.  Going to the park can be even more fun than Disneyland
 8.  Unconditional love is amazing.  Love your family and friends just because you love them, no strings attached!
 9.   A toddler who is moving with a purpose is FASTER than Superman
10.  A clean room is not the most important thing in life - just ask a teenager
11.  If your teenager believes in #10 - don't take it too personally
12.  Someday, if you are lucky, your teenagers turn into young adults and still love you - heck, they may even like you!!  
13.  Eating food off the floor is ok 
14.  Never, ever, ever say "Never".  (You'll be sorry)
15.  A hug really does help
16.  Put your anger aside and look at the situation.  
17.  A soft voice really does turn away wrath (see #16)
18.  A band-aid heals everything, oh, and the ones with characters on them heal it faster!
19.  Always, always lick the beater (or taste the cookie dough)
20.  Sing no matter where you are and no matter who is listening or looking
21.  With boys (and I have 5), anything can be used as a weapon: spatulas, rulers, socks (even the spare tampon in mom's purse) 
22.  There is nothing better than little pudgy fingers on your cheeks,sweet slobbery kisses and three little words:  "I love you mama"

Being a mom for the past 22 years has been the best of time (and sometimes the worst), and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I think I'm going to turn this list into a scrapbook page....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Cards

Had a totally fun time making Easter Cards today! It felt really good to get crafty again :). Here is what I made:

Love this little rabbit stamp. It's in a set that belongs to my mom. She liked the all the stamps in set except this little guy, so now he lives with me........LOVE HIM!!!

Both of these cards were made with stuff I bought from Pebbles in My Pocket Las Vegas before they closed. I think I paid $8 for the whole kit. Some of the stickers were used and a few sheets of the paper had been cut, but I have made cards and pages and still have stuff left.............Hooray for using up some of my stash!!

This last set I made with some cute stickers that Austin gave me for my birthday (love that boy - he knows just what his mom loves).  The flowers and dragonflies were from him.  I used those and then I was having so much fun I used some double sided stickers and flocking and some hearts.  That way I can use some for Easter and some for other occasions. 

Wow!!  I got 8 cards finished today.  I also made 10 yesterday for a swap.  Forgot to take a photo of mine, so I will do that once I get my cards.  I'm excited to be in a swap group again.  It forces me to get creative at least once a month.  I really need to work on some scrapbook pages also.  It has been awhile since I felt like taking my stuff out, so now that I'm feeling crafty again, I'll have to get busy on that :)

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