Monday, February 23, 2009

Week of February 15, 2009

I did not get anything posted for a week - because there were no photos.............the stomach flu hit the Jennings House. (ick)


Sunday 2/15/09

Stan and the kids before church. Notice Marcus' new suit!

Monday 2/16/09

No school today. Surprised Preston with a little birthday party. Cathrine and the kids came over for Wii games, pizza and lots of laughs. Preston was very surprised!!

Tuesday 2/17/09

Happy Birthday Preston! Stan and I took him out for Crab Legs (his one birthday request)

Wednesday 2/18/09

Haircut day! Lookin' "spiffy" and much older with the shagginess cut off.

Thursday 2/19/09

Courtney and Scarlett (my niece and her baby) stopped by for a visit. Marcus didn't quite know what to do with a little one trying to play with "his" toys.

Friday 2/20/09

A toddler lives here. Enough said!

Saturday 2/21/09

Teenagers can sleep anywhere!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week of February 1, 2009

Sunday 2/1/09

Go Steelers!!! Marcus even enjoyed the big game.

Monday 2/2/09

Monday means clean the house day in my dictionary. How can we make such a mess between Saturday night and Monday morning????

Tuesday 2/3/09

Clean and shiny!! I love clean kids and especially the smell of baby shampooed hair and Baby Magic lotion on sweet baby feet :)

Thursday 2/5/09

We took the plunge and bought a potty chair. Now if we could just get Marcus to use it!

Friday 2/6/09

Happy Birthday Maria! Flowers from Carolyn Sue and dinner out with Stan YAY!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week of January 25, 2009

I found this quote this week:


Sunday 1/25/09

While I was at "Great to be 8!" at the church, Kyle and Amanda worked TOGETHER to make cookies for the family. :)

Monday 1/26/09

Preston prepared and presented a great Family Home Evening about Joseph Smith. He even made a "treat". Baby carrots with dip (we had a choice of Thousand Island or Creamy Italian). Love that kid and his devotion to FHE.

Tuesday 1/27/09

Was in a baking mood. Tried from scratch chocolate cupcakes (pretty good) with Peanut Butter Buttercream icing (totally Yummy!)

Wednesday 1/28/09

Whenever the camera comes out lately, this is what Marcus does. Maybe I have taken too many pictures of him!

Thursday 1/29/09

Amanda loves her new Converse "chucks". I even made a scrapbook page about them today!

Friday 1/30/09

Met Cathrine at Wal-Mart for a "walk around". Don't know what I would do without her. She gave me my birthday present early. Who wouldn't love beautiful truffles (and a gift card for later)? This girl just gets me!!! I can "verbally vomit" to her anytime and she never seems to mind. LOVE YOU SIS!!

Saturday 1/31/09

Totally busy Saturday with basketball and volleyball. A tender day too, as we said goodbye to our dear friend Ina. She was my visiting teacher when Amanda was born and became a dear friend. I was her Visiting Teacher for a time too and she always made me feel important and we had many laughs together. I will miss her, but am so glad she is out of pain and at peace.
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