Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week of March 8, 2009

With all the illness around here, I have been falling short of a photo a day - I'll try harder once I feel better :)

Monday 3/9/09

Made chicken noodle soup and rolls today. The house smelled so good! Took some to mom and dad since mom is sick.

Tuesday 3/10/09

Last Deacon basketball game tonight. They won - AND had fun!

Wednesday & Thursday 3/11-12/09

We are "sharing" a throat infection around here. Amanda had it last week, Kyle came home on Monday with it. So a trip to the pediatrician last week and another one today for Kyle.
Thursday: Yep, back to the pediatrician with Preston and Marcus. They got sick during the night. It's official - we are a germ infested house.

If there is anything sweeter than a sleeping baby I don't know what it is. Marcus fell asleep on the couch after his turn to the pediatrician. He NEVER falls asleep anywhere but his bed so I know he doesn't feel good. I'll be glad when everyone feels better!

Friday 3/13/09
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Having lots of fun with my new Cricut machine and borrowed cartridges from my friend Susan. Who thought paper and glue could make me happy????

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Marcy said...

those rolls look so yummy-i wish i had some right now!!