Monday, April 12, 2010


We have been updating around the house lately.  For the last 2 years all the walls have been white.  Boring old white.  Since we know we will be here for a few more years it was time to add some color!  The family room and kitchen got painted last month and have gone from boring to warm and inviting.  The family room walls are chocolate brown (we call it "Nutella Brown") and the wall where the tv lives is red.  The kitchen has a red wall also and the others are a nice warm brown called "Roman Brick". 

This week I added a vinyl accent to the red wall in the kitchen.  I ordered it from Stampin' Up because it was just what I wanted. 

Here is a shot of the kitchen "before":

See - white and boring~

And here is the kitchen after the paint job:

Here is the family room (it's a huge room so I can't get the whole thing in one photo):
And finally here is the kitchen after my vinyl went up:

I love it!  it adds to the wall and it's just plain cute!  I did learn that Stampin' Up is right and vinyl does not love textured walls, but with a little patience it is stuck just fine.  I would love to do some more vinyl accents around my house and I really want to try and cut my own with my Cricut someday.

Eventually the Living room is going to be a couple of shades lighter than the kitchen - but that is another huge project.  Maybe next Spring I'll be ready :)

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Danielle said...

I love the paint & the vinyl. You should cut your vinyl. I have been a vinyl cutting fool lately!