Friday, August 28, 2009

Crafting Crossover

I love my hobby! I have been in love with paper and stickers for, well, FOREVER! When I stumbled upon the scrapbooking/paper crafting hobby, my life became perfect (well - from a hobby standpoint anyway).

As I have acquired more and more "stuff", I have found that when I can use it for more than just a card or scrapbook page I'm very happy.

Case in point: My Cricut. At first I said I would never want one (too expensive, too bulky, etc. etc.). When I finally caved in and got one I thought I would use it occasionally. Now that I have had it for awhile I find I use it for many things. It's great for crafting scrapbook pages and cards, but I have also made home decor, gifts, helped my nephew with a school project and helped my own kiddos with projects too. It really helps justify the cost (are you listening Stan? tee hee)

This month my Cricut "project" was some posters for Marcus. We are having "mom and Marcus school" three days a week. He really wanted to go to school like the big kids.

Here he is on our first day of school with his posters (he loves them and so do I). They were quick and easy.................thanks to papercrafting.

I love crafting crossovers!!! (and I love that cute kid in the photos too)

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william said...

Hey, you know that they are looking for 3-year-olds at Ruth Fyfe, right??? They started a new class this year -- I thought Linda would have said something maybe. Anyway, if you are loving your class with Marcus, don't worry about it, but if you want to, check it out!