Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cake Time

I haven't had much time for cards lately.  The end of the school year, 3 birthdays and summer school have made things a bit busy around here.  (I'm the one taking summer classes .......CRAZY I know!)

I have made a couple of cakes lately, though.  We had our oldest's birthday on May 21, our youngest's on May 31 and kiddo #3 on June 8, plus a cake for one of my "regular" clients.

This one was for my client.  Her niece had her First Communion and they wanted a "girly cake".  It was almond poppyseed with whipped cream icing. I thought the pearls made it pretty girly (they were not edible).

This is Austin (our oldest) with his Aunt Sheilah.  They share the same birthday, so we had her over for birthday dinner and cake.  Not a very fancy cake (mom was BUSY).  Austin loves almond poppyseed cake so I baked that one and iced it with homemade buttercream.
Our youngest has been wanting a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday for the last six months.  His big day finally arrived.  We went on a picnic to the park with our family and some extended family and this was his cake.  Chocolate fudge cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.  The cute Mickey and Friends are made of chipboard.  I just attached them to straws.  I saved them to use in his scrapbook :)

Finally, #3 had his birthday on June 8.  He is a baseball junkey!  He loves to play, watch, read name it, so I decided to do a baseball sitting in some grass.  He is another of mine that loves almond poppyseed with buttercream.  (I have had enough of that flavor for awhile)
Hopefully I will get some Father's Day cards made today and get them posted in between school assignments.


Danielle said...

Love the cakes...I am so behind in my craft blogging world. Sorry I haven't posted a comment sooner on this.

estella said...

Cake looks great. I like to try new things. Do you think you can send me a instructions on how to make whipped cream icing?