Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Time

I worked hard last week on a wedding cake.  I spent a great amount of time worrying about it.  It's HOT here, I mean come's the Desert and this cake had to sit out side for over 2 hours.  I was sure it would melt.  Well, Saturday evening came and dark storm clouds blew in.  By reception time the clouds had cooled the desert and the winds turned into a nice summer breeze.  HOORAY!  The bride loved the cake so the baker/decorator was happy. 

The top tier was chocolate fudge cake with raspberry mousse, the 2nd tier was french vanilla cake with vanilla filling, the 3rd was for looks only (styrofoam - got to love it!) and the bottom was vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and cream.  The whole cake was frosted with whipped cream icing and accented with blue satin ribbon and fresh red and white roses. (and yes we served the top tier - I tell all my brides that it is useless to try and save the top.  No matter what you do it tastes icky a year later!!  I give them a gift certificate for a replica of their top for their 1st Anniversary).

I loved the cute Precious Moments topper:
Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs!!!

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Danielle said...

So cute Maria....oh...and I got hungry as you were desribing the layers! Yummy! That is neat you offer a GC to the couple for their replica a year later. That's great!